KEYSIE - Frequently Asked Questions


How does a Keysie work?

A Keysie is made up of 2 parts, a strap and a covering. The strap has a clasp on the top and a key-ring on the bottom end. The strap passes through the top of the covering.  The covering slides up to expose your keys and falls down to cover your keys and protect your remotes from inclement weather and your handbag from scratches. Watch below for a basic demonstration.  Click here for full benefits.


I have lots of keys. How many keys can a Keysie hold?

Keysies can hold 3 car remotes plus about 5 keys comfortably.  The bottom opening is an 11" circumference.  Keysies are meant to hold only your most used keys and items.

If having all your keys & fobs in your Keysie feels crowded, separate the keys you don't use very often on your old key-ring with your charms and keep them in your purse in case you need them. 

How many credit cards does a Keysie hold?

 A Keysie can comfortably hold 3-4 cards as purchased.  If you need to hold more cards you can insert extra cards to help the leather pocket stretch out to fill your needs and hold more cards.

When I come home with my hands full, is it easy to find the key I'm looking for with one hand?

Typically, yes!  It depends how many items you have in your Keysie.  We suggest to add a second key-ring to the Keysie's key-ring to allow for your house key to hang down a little bit lower then the rest so you can find it fast and easy.

I need to drive with my key in the ignition.  Will Keysie work for me?

Yes!  With the cover slid up the keys are all exposed and you can use your keys as you normally do.


Does the Keysie have to hang outside my bag?

No, you can tuck it into your bag or leave it hanging out.  We recommend you keep it clasped to the handle or strap so you don't have to dig it out later.

Between my work keys and personal keys there are too many to fit. What do I do?

You are not alone.  Many people get a second Keysie for their work keys and keep them attached to their work bag, work tote or lunch tote so they can enjoy the convenience of a Keysie in both places and get rid of their over-sized set of keys.


What are all the benefits of a Keysie?  

  • Never having to ask, "Where are my keys?" ever again
  • Prevents you from digging for your keys
  • Prevents you from misplacing your keys
  • Prevents you from forgetting your keys
  • Keeps your keys in easy reach at your fingertips
  • Keeps your favorite credit cards in easy reach at your fingetips
  • Easily attaches to any bag
  • Easily swaps on to any other bag (diaper, gym, laptop, handbag, weekender)
  • Protects your keys from inclement weather
  • Protects your handbag from key scratches
  • It's super cute
  • and more. . .

Watch below to see additional benefits: